Tommy Lee

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Tommy Lee. He’s given us over 3 decades of pulse pounding beat behind Motley Crue. Show us anyone who has endured the pace of life Tommy Lee has and still keeps rocking it out over 35 years later.
Photography for this illustration was provided by Rukes, capturing a drummer in motion on film is no easy feat.
For Todd Claydon capturing Tommy from this photography into stipple portrait form was extremely challenging. Lee had an aggressive personality while playing and Claydon wanted to capture that attitude in dots and shades.

Tommy Lee is now available for your living room in original size Hot Press reproduction (15 x 20, 20.5in x 26in with it’s foamboard). This comes mounted for shipping on framable foam core backing.
Frame NOT included. Print ships expedited within 7 working days (although we try to ship sooner).

Tommy Lee