Nikki Sixx

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What can one say about Nikki Sixx? Sixx has lived a rock & roll fantasy, the perpetual rockstar who’s experienced all the ups and downs that goes with it. He’s also a survivor.. not a victim.
Photography for this iconic illustration was provided by Craig Shuster through Nikki’s assistant at the time and 10th Street.

The first of The Final Set series, Nikki Sixx has also been one of the most popular. Sixx is now available to you in original size Hot Press reproduction (15 x 20, 20.5in x 26in with it’s foamboard). This comes mounted for shipping on framable foam core backing.
Frame NOT included. Print ships expedited within 7 working days (although we try to get them out sooner).

Composed of over 1 million hand applied .25mm dots, Nikki Sixx took close to a half a year to complete.

Nikki Sixx 2