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$135 USD + $25 flat rate expedited shipping

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Motley Crue 2015 – THE WHITE EDITION
A compilation of the illustration series “Motley Crue – The Final Set”.

Composed of all 4 Motley illustrations it represents 3 years of solid work over a 9 year period. Well over 4 million hand applied .25mm dots were used in total to create this final composition of the Motley Artwork. I know right? Crazy…
Now available in THE WHITE EDITION.

All photos for the individual illustrations were picked carefully to reflect each member of the band, together the band comes alive as they do in real life, the detail in the Motley Crue 2015 print is stunning.
A special thanks specifically to photographers Craig Shuster, Rukes & P.R. Brown. As well to Chris Neilson, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, Alan Koenig & Matt D’Amico all for helping and supporting this set being done.

Motley Crue 2015 is now available to you (15 x 20, 20.5in x 26in with it’s foamboard). This comes mounted for shipping on framable foam core backing and is SHIPPED FLAT. Frame NOT included.
Print ships expedited within 10 working days (although we try to get them out sooner). FLAT RATE SHIPPING ($25) ONLY AVAILABLE IN CANADA & THE U.S.
Other orders will be billed the surplus shipping upon ordering.



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