Mick Mars


The elusive Mick Mars. All other pics for Motley were a breeze to obtain, not this one. Despite all the photos out there over the last 3 decades, finding material where his face wasn’t covered in some way was difficult. This illustration, composed of over 1 million hand applied dots has taken 6 months to complete.
Photography for this final illustration was finally provided by Craig Shuster, perhaps one of the better Motley photographers out there.

The last of The Final Set series that has taken 9 years to finish, Mick Mars is literally in the room with you. Mick Mars is now available to you in original size Hot Press reproduction (15 x 20, 20.5in x 26in with it’s foamboard). This comes mounted for shipping on framable foam core backing.. Ltd Editions are only available when purchased as part of The Final Set. Otherwise only un-numbered copies are available.

Archival Inks and Papers (Hot Press) are used.

Mick Mars 2